Post-Pregnancy Shapewear : A Comprehensive Overview

Post-Pregnancy Shapewear : A Comprehensive Overview - Pregnancy adds a lot of stress to the body by shifting the organs, causes bones to widen and also slow down blood circulation. All these happened to accommodate the growing baby and it is very natural and safe. After delivery, the body would not bounce back immediately to pre-pregnancy days. It takes time to heal especially the tummy area. Many women would still look pregnant after delivery because the uterus has been stretched to accommodate the baby. It is important to give time to the body to heal and recuperate giving birth. There are ways to expedite the process and also give the confidence a boost. For many years, women have been wrapping their tummies with post-pregnancy shapewear after giving birth to promote faster recovery and also improved support.

Some women love and embrace how their bodies have changed while others may feel uncomfortable for a while. Your body has just gone through one of the most incredible experiences with a growing human and it is no easy feat. As such, there is no need to rush to get back to pre-pregnancy weight quickly. However, if you feel that you want your body to bounce back quickly and resume normal activity, you have to be mindful of your body and can get the help from postpartum shapewear.

What is Postpartum Shapewear?

Postpartum shapewear are garments that are specially designed to offer an additional layer of support to women recovering from childbirth. These tummy shapewear are breathable and can be discreetly worn underneath clothing to enhance comfort levels while giving the confidence a boost.

Benefits of Postpartum Shapewear

Pospartum shapewear offers a wide range of benefits to mothers such as the follow:-

  • Help to reduce pain on the back and pelvic
  • Promotes quicker postpartum recovery by offering support to body’s major organs return to their pre-pregnancy position.
  • Supports posture
  • Assist in the retraction of abdominal muscles
  • Helps to improve mobility

The compression garment can also offer support for mothers recovering from a cesarean delivery or diastasis recti, a condition where there is partial or complete separation of the muscles that meet the mid of the stomach. It is a pretty common problem during and after pregnancy because of the stretching of the abdomen.

Post pregnancy shapewear also offer plenty of emotional benefits to mothers. They help women to feel more confident in their clothes, especially for clingy or form-fitting clothing and also offer the feeling of being held by the shapewear bodysuit, which many women find comforting.

Different Types of Post Pregnancy Shapewear To Support Recovery

There are multiple types of post pregnancy shapewear to help mothers get more support.

Compression Shorts

High Waist Postpartum Shorts are perfect to wear underneath dresses. Made with seamless weaving technique, they will deliver targeted compression and support where it is needed. Featuring 4 steel alloy bones to prevent rolling down, its silicone waistband ensures comfort and breathability. These shorts can also prevent thigh chaffing and also worn on their own during the warmer months.

Compression Shorts

Post Pregnancy Leggings

Whether you are looking to get back to working out or want a pair of leggings for support, a high waisted one can do just that. Featuring hook and eye closure, this pair of high-support and high compression legging will hold you in. They are easy to wear and remove, making them a great wardrobe go-to.

Post Pregnancy Leggings

Post Pregnancy Camis

If you prefer something that gives you control for the whole torso, opt for a shaping tank top. It offers firm abdominal compression and is soft and comfortable. This camisole comes in a range of gorgeous colors too.

Post Pregnancy Camis

Post Pregnancy Control Panties

This control panty offers medium compression and maximum control. It has three layer shaping fabric with power mesh for a firm hug. The flexi boning will contour the waist and prevent rolling down. It is great for tummy support and the side zipper allows easy wearing. This pair of control panty will help you to gradually ease back into shape.

Post Pregnancy Control Panties

Post Pregnancy Waist Belt or Waist Wrap

Designed to help support your belly after birth, this waist belt has three-level hook and eye clasp. It also has nine boned structures for better tummy control, waist shaping, and back support. Waist belts are effective to reduce pain after delivery and encourage organs to find their way back to the original position. 

Post Pregnancy Waist Belt or Waist Wrap

Many moms are turning to post pregnancy shapewear for comfort, additional support and a smoother silhouette. The above picks from SHAPELLX are functional and flattering to help mom feel like themselves again.

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